Let's work together for a better world!

Products and technologies to increase the quality of our life and make our world a better place.

Photovoltaic systems

Let's use the power of the sun to produce clean energy!

Biomass power production systems.

Let's turn a problem into an opportunity by converting agriculture waste into energy.


A big achivement start from a great design.

Multicontrol System.

A great industrial system needs a great control.

Welcome to Lambda Sistemi Renewable Energy!

Our company offers innovative and high performance solutions in the fields of renewable energy, in particular in the areas of photovoltaic and biomass systems.

The solutions have been designed in order to contribute to the sustainable development of the planet and do not involve the use of agricultural land and primary agricultural resources (food) for the processes of energy production.

The photovoltaic solutions are focused on the installations of the energy production plants in civil and commercial buildings through technological solutions that allow a full architectural integration.

In the field of biomass-fuelled systems, our solutions involve for the production of energy JUST from agriculture or animal wastes and Solid Urban Wastes. This it is possible thanks to our innovative technologies, completely cleans, and with high efficiency.


We provide, integrated and semi-integrated photovoltaic power plant from the small 6KW up to the Big of several MW. We only use high quality components CE certified.
Biomass Systems

Biomass Systems

We provide complete, CE certified, biomass systems to produce electricity and heating power. We offer all the necessary equipment for processing the biomass and transform it into energy. Our sulutions go from 50KW up to several MW.
Gas Power Stations

Gas Power Stations

We provide: methane, biogas and syn gas power station. Our systems start from the small 50KW single up to the big power station of several MW. All our power stations are CE certified.

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